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Attention Authors, Experts and Niche Marketers!
The Amazingly Simple Way To Create A Year's Worth Of Profit-Pulling, Relationship-Building Emails For Your Market …Literally Overnight!


 “How A Techno-Phobic Schoolteacher’s
Amazing ‘Follow-Up Marketing’ Discovery
Transforms Ordinary Websites into
Massive Profit Powerhouses!!”



From the Desk of Lisa Rae Preston

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

          How much would a rabidly hungry, loyal list of niche subscribers be worth to your business?

          You know that building a list and following up with subscribers funnels more money in your pocket… but keeping your email messages vibrant and cutting-edge can be overwhelming!  Perhaps you've had your own neglected lists - just sitting there, waiting to be monetized, but you feel paralyzed, not knowing what to write week after week.

         That summed up my story!  After teaching elementary school for 17 years, I decided to create a site based on teaching children - something I loved and knew well.

         So, I set up a homeschooling website and grew my list.  But writing those newsletters each week was driving me insane.  It took almost 2 hours to write and format each of my emails. I dreaded writing my newsletter like the plague.

         Finally, life got really chaotic, and I just quit sending out my newsletter. After all that work to build a list! It was just sitting on my hard drive as dry as a bone, no longer bringing me in one red cent.

         In fact, I felt guilty every time I thought about that list!

         I really wanted to create a relationship with my subscribers.  I cared for them and when I did write an email, I wrote as if I was speaking to dear friends.  While I wasn't following up as much as I knew I should, I did grasp one vital piece of information...

Relationship Selling = High Profitability

5 Reasons Why Relational Email Marketing Is The Best Way To Build Your Online Fortune

Reason #1 People want to buy from folks they trust. They’d rather buy from a friend than a large faceless company!

Reason #2 Research shows that one out of every four buyers are ready and waiting to switch businesses they currently buy from to a business with a more personal touch!

Reason #3 When people feel they have a relationship with you, they’ll be glad to complete your surveys, and share exactly what they want to buy in the future!

Reason #4 Once you bond with your subscribers, you’re a friend. They feel your care and concern for them and are willing to check out your offers.

Reason #5 Relational marketing is built on a foundation of integrity and character. It’s the highest and best use of your time and marketing efforts!



How To Create that Trusting Connection with Your Subscribers so
They're Thrilled to Purchase Your Products and Services!

         I'm sorry.  The money isn't in the average list anymore. It's in the list that's being nurtured, fed, and honored.

         See, anyone can find templates and free software that build "salespitch-y" messages that cause readers to rush to the unsubscribe button. 

          But what brings in profits, even with small lists, is "relational selling."  Jack Mitchell, author of Hug Your Customers, writes that "customers are thirsting for relationship driven companies.  Relational marketing inevitably leads to high profitability."

         Well, some crazy thought hit me out of the blue ... What if you could create an entire year's worth of these awesome email messages almost instantly?  Not long, laborious newsletters, which folks just scan. I'm talking real emails that look like they’re coming from a friend – messages that people will open immediately because they love hearing from you.  Relational messages that allow you to reach through impersonal cyberspace and really bring hope to others AND profits to you.

         This email program would create a year's worth of follow up messages that

established your credibility and expertise
could be easily monetized, bringing in profits on autopilot over 52 weeks
created authentic relationship and build
the kind of relationship so that your subscribers would rush to open your emails as soon as they hit their inbox.
offered valuable content to your readers
sounded like you - not like a boring template

          How would you like to create 52 trust-building email messages that position you as a hero to your list?   What if your subscribers rushed to open, read, and respond to every email you sent them?

          Well, you're about to enter a whole new world of communicating with your list without all the hassle of writing to them each week!

          You’re about to discover…

How To Create An Entire Year's Worth
Profit-Pulling, Relationship-Building Emails
For Any Niche Market …Literally Overnight!

In less time than it takes to go out to dinner and watch a movie, you'll create
52 ORIGINAL, relationship building, money-making emails to send to your list!

Carve out another afternoon and you'll have an additional 52 blog posts,
podcast scripts, short video scripts, and a Lead Generator report for your list!


Just think how incredible it would be to wake up every single morning and find your email box flooded with orders and affiliate payment notices – and all from your little website. Checking your inbox and finding it crammed with orders is one of the most jaw-dropping, electrifying feelings you’ll ever have – period!

That’s exactly what can happen when you start capturing the names and email addresses on your niche sites – forming a strong, trusting relationship and selling to them for years to come!

You’d be setting up what could be the penultimate automated stream of income for your business.

See, most folks don’t buy from a website the first time they visit.  Marketing studies show that it takes six to eight times for an average potential customer to see your message before they buy.  You must capture the names and email addresses of your website visitors in order to make the most profits on the internet.  And that’s not even enough!

It's one thing to get them to visit, it's another to reel them in, establish a relationship and get them to buy from you.

Follow-up Marketing based on Relational Selling is the name of the game.  If you're not following up with your website visitors each week in the right way, you're losing untold amounts of money!

So why don’t more marketers use this time-tested strategy the right way?

It takes an enormous amount of time and effort! The hassle of laboring over what to say, how to word the to build that all-important relationship…

Let's face it - how many emails do you delete each day, simply because you know they're nothing but offers? Having a list, and mailing to them each week guarantees you nothing.

           I’ll tell you a little secret … 


Many Successful Marketers Rake in Serious Cash every Month from Tiny Subscriber Lists of a Couple Hundred Folks!

            Who says email marketing is dead? They're the same list owners who send out offers once in a blue moon, or they send out newsletters that folks scan over without reading.

            Let me assure you that email marketing is alive and kicking! Just ask David Vallieres and Joe and Maria Gracia who make 6 figures from their email lists each year. You've got to get your emails opened to get them read and responded to, and INE helps create just the kinds of emails that will do that for you.

Now just imagine the fun of having folks on your list write to you, thanking you for your offers. Answering all your surveys. Thinking of you as a real friend. As someone they trust and from whom they like to purchase!

If you had a list of targeted niche subscribers, you can sell to them all day long, over and over. It wouldn’t matter if all the Search Engines disappeared tomorrow!  You’d be in total control.

Think how cool it would be to have someone else take care of writing all those emails for you, while you set your sights on taking some well-deserved time off, spending time with your family, or creating new products for your market!




Instant Niche Emails III

Transform your websites into
power streams of income!

Now includes two complete systems,
 Instant Niche Emails for Niche Marketers     AND
Instant Niche Emails for Authors and Experts!

         Since its inception, Instant Niche Emails has been used to create thousands of profitable, relationship building emails. 

          But 52 emails is only the beginning!  Instant Niche Emails 3 can be used to create blog posts, original articles, the perfect Lead Generator/Special Report/Ebook for your niche as well.


          now Instant Niche Emails 3 includes two systems in one...

          ... a complete step-by-step system for the Niche Marketer and a separate system for Authors/Experts who want to brand themselves and their own content!

Now you don’t have to worry about what to say every week, because INE takes you by the hand, shows you exactly what to do, and voila! You have an entire year’s worth of emails that you can immediately upload to your autoresponder, or add some extra information to them if you like - it’s up to you.

Plus, these emails will all be unique and original, because they’re based on YOU.


   Here’s what you’ll discover with Instant Niche Emails 3

  • The simplest and easiest way to powerfully connect heart to heart with your subscribers, creating trust and a lasting, profitable relationship (You'll discover how to form a friendship with your market from the very start. The trust level will only continue to build. And people want to buy from folks they trust!)

  • How to quickly create 52 original, personality-filled, relationship-building emails for any niche (no two people can ever create the same emails, even if they’re in the same niche!)

  • The stress-relieving ability to upload your autoresponder once, and have an automated niche profit system in place for an entire year, working for you, week-in and week-out

  • 4 easy tips to writing tantalizing subject lines

  • How to potentially double or triple your site income - all on autopilot!|

  •  At the end of the year, simply use the Instant Niche Emails program again to create another 52 weeks of emails! (or blog entries for the year!)

  • The key to saving hours of time (forget the laborious writing part - you can concentrate on the parts of your business you're passionate about!)

  • The amazing little secret to creating an ongoing relationship with your list that will allow you to market to them over and over (creating cashflow while you're serving your market has never been this easy!)

  • Use the program to create original, personality-filled Blog Posts

  • After filling out your Niche Treasure Hunt, use the Ebook template to create
    your own original Special Report (18-25 pages) to use as a bonus for your subscribers! (imagine - an instant ebook! No paying a ghostwriter, no long nights trying to figure out how to put together your Lead Generator.)


  • Step-by-step instructions and examples of how to use the program to create interesting podcast scripts for your niche!

  • Which niches lend themselves to more frequent email contact (and which DON’T – make sure not to send messages to these guys every week, or you’ll see hundreds of unsubscribes!)

  • The secret to building a strong, loyal relationship with your targeted list (the profits really rev up when this happens!)

  • The secrets of catering your messages to the basic market, the male-dominated market, and the senior market (there are some major differences here you should know about!)

  • Discover the 3 top strategies to having your subscribers eager to open your messages (few people do this correctly.  Follow these simple steps and you'll set yourself head and shoulders above your competition!)

  • Find out the exact words and phrases that create trust and build relationships

  • The one simple thing you can do to get seniors to trust you and feel comfortable buying from you (“discovered” by a doctor in our little home town)

  • Use the easy article templates to create 9 articles for your niche that you can submit to directories or use as website content.

  • A totally ethical technique that deters folks from unsubscribing from your list once they get their free stuff

  • Simple tips for making your emails personal, friendly, and different than anyone else!

  • The three missing keys from most email messages – add these in to your emails and you’ll have an excited, loyal following!

  • What to do when crazy people sign up for your list (they can make your life miserable with a capital M – you need to know how to get past them!)

  • A treasure trove of places on the internet to find tips for various niches

         Do any of these benefits resonate with you?  Then take a peek at what some Instant Niche Emails users had to say about Instant Niche Emails 1.



"I've been using Instant Niche Emails since it was first introduced and I can't say enough about this product.  Lisa, you are a genius! There is truly nothing else out there on the market that does what INE can do.  I have been able to easily create not only a years worth of original newsletter content, but also original content for my blogs with just a little bit of research on my part. 

The most fascinating part about this product is that no matter how hard you try, you will never create messages that sound "canned" or duplicated!   Every single time, your content is specifically tailored for your particular niche.  Even if two people have the same niche, they will never have duplicate messages.

No matter what type of online business you are in, Instant Niche Emails will save you time AND help you develop long-term relationships with your subscribers, and we all know how important relationships are to our success. This product is a 'must-have' for your business."

Patty Gale



You are about to make several hundred and probably thousands of new friends! As an information publisher with many dozens of sites on all kinds of topics there is NO WAY I would ever be able to create a 52 message, one year followup newsletter series for each site. Now I am creating a rich informational autoresponder newsletter series for each of my sites with ease, and also using the software for very creative, automated content site building with blogs. The software is very simple and does the job in a tiny fraction of the time it would take me by
hand. Great job! (review copy)

-Jack Humphrey


"Lisa, you have done a remarkable job here! I love your new product. I opened it up and within 2 hours I had written the next years worth of autoresponder messages for my ezine. It was as easy as cut and paste.

Your concept is pure genius! Often times I stop myself from ever writing because it seems like writer's block sets in before I even pick up the pen.

With Instant Niche Emails and your outlines and format it is astonishing that I have the next years' worth of ezines already done. Thanks for a great product!"  (review copy)

-Harald Anderson


"Lisa...What can I say about Instant Niche Emails other than THANKS! Instant Niche Emails is not only going to save me a ton of time but your software will also make me money. I have 3 niche sites that actually have an opt-in newsletter box and I have nothing written for them. You have now given me a great tool to not only get these newsletters finally written but also start making more money with my niche sites. Great product!"   (review copy)

-Jeff Dedrick


"Instant Niche Email Software is a Dream Come True

I recently found an inexpensive software product called Instant Niche Emails by Lisa Preston which is knocking my socks off...literally.

A couple months ago  Lisa's Product Instant Niche Emails showed up as a referred product by one of the internet marketers I follow.  I signed up for the free ebook, immediately got sucked in while I reading it. Then bought her product - I figured if it did half of what she said it was well worth the money. 

And I took one more step, I immediately contacted some of my clients and peers and recommended the product.  You know what...every one that has jumped on the Instant Niche Bandwagon is singing its praise. I simply suggest checking it out.

It feels like I have won the lottery, am in pig heaven and am able to allow the ease I've been asking for to show up. I don't expect it to every thing for me, but if you're looking for some help in getting a newsletter off the ground or a drip follow up campaign going...try Instant Niche Emails."

-Michele Corey


"Instant Niche Emails is one the the most down-to-earth, genuinely helpful publications I have bought in the last 2 years (And I spend about $2,000 a month on Internet-related products) It is absolutely perfect for anyone who wants to start a successful ezine. It will save you money, time and stress!"

Chris Bloor


"Lisa, your INE has made my life so much easier! I used to dread coming up with a autoresponder series...
not anymore! Now I can whip out an entire years' worth of autoresponders in a short

The value of INE to my business is priceless!

Thanks Lisa,
Mark Sullivan


...I think your software is GREAT!

I plan to use your software in my new membership site that's in the works. It's a perfect fit, so I'd be a fool to not snatch it up! I seriously would have paid you $497 for it because I was going to resort to having all of the niche AR series emails written up via a freelance writer. And we all know what that would cost for a ghostwriter to create at least 15 emails per month!

Two legs and half of your friggin' arm! lol

Thanks again!

Take care,
Jason Gazaway


Hi Lisa,
I have to say your software is a masterpiece. Within a few hours after purchasing it I created a full years' worth of personal emails in one of my niches. This saved me hours of time because up until now I have never been able to sit down and write a whole years' worth of emails. In the first 45 days those emails were responsible for adding an additional $2,889.23 of online income I would not have had otherwise if I had never purchased your niche software.
You're going to make alot of people money and put their businesses on auto-pilot... Thanks so much for such a well put together product!
- Jason Pearson


Hi Lisa!

A great product. I started using it already for a niche I just decided was too much work to get started on- but with your tool I was breezing through
the email creation- I love it!

Best wishes,

-Dave Vallieres


Hi, Lisa!

I purchased the original version of INE, sat down and had a full 52-week email series in just over 2 hours. It's a great product - and with the new version that facilitates blogs and pods, WOW!

My favorite thing about INE is that it helps me stay focused and going in a straight line creating email series - that's very, very helpful, as building a sequence that has that many parts it is easy to get off track. INE saved me from that and I'm very happy that I invested in it as a tool for my personal IM toolbox.

Thanx, Lisa

Bill Millikin


This Will Make Your Life Easier - It Writes Follow-up Email Sequences!

"One of the problem many people have is in simply writing good follow-up emails. Even if the email series isn't designed just to sell a specific product.

My friend Lisa Preston, whom I met while speaking at a seminar in Las Vegas sponsored by Jason Cox, has solved this problem. Lisa has created a piece of software that you input some data into (like articles, product reviews, etc., and then it spits out a series of 52 follow-up  emails that you can then just cut and paste into your autoresponders.

I spent about 2 hours yesterday creating TWO sequences of autoresponder message... for two different niches. The software worked great. It's not magic, you have to gather a few pieces of information for the software (articles, tips, product reviews, etc.) and then when you put this in the software and click the button it creates the autoresponder messages. I had most of this stuff already handy and that's why I could create the TWO messages  sequences so fast.

After you create the messages you do want to read through each one and make sure that they read smoothly and make minor changes if desired. However, the software does output a pretty good product." 
 (review copy)

-Willie Crawford


For More Testimonials, Click Here

Now You Can Create Your Profitable
Email Follow-Up System Even Faster with
Instant Niche Emails 3!

Includes two complete systems!

          You can see why this new program is causing such a sensation among email marketers. You now have an amazing opportunity to enjoy what others marketers can only dream about - A Guaranteed Way to Create a Loyal Niche Following!

           Using the feedback from Instant Niche Emails clients over the past years, I have put together a new, dual program to make it extra easy for both niche marketers and authors to create their ultimate email follow-up series - now even faster - and no need to use software!


Instant Niche Emails for Authors/Experts

          Are you wanting to set up your email system with messages that brand you as THE person to go to for your niche market?  Perfect!  Instant Niche Emails 3 for Authors allows you to easily create messages from the existing material in your book and any other articles you've already written.  I also walk you through how to use your content to get folks addicted to visiting your site each week!

          Simply follow the ABC-123 instructions, and you have your own ultimate email messages that

establish your credibility and expertise
offer valuable content to your readers
create authentic relationship and built trust
can be easily monetized by upselling all your books and related products

          Authors without a marketing system for selling their books and related products can end up tripping over their own efforts, taking 12-18 months to develop momentum for their books!  Believe me, you can get pretty exhausted constantly pushing your book month after month!

          How about letting Instant Niche Emails 3 be part of your publicity team?  The program can help you create a more structured plan on how to upsell folks who hear about your book - not only to buy the book itself, but to sell your backend products related to your masterpiece! 

          Even if you’re #1 on Amazon for a week, how are you going to leverage your best seller status for the long run?  What are you going to do with the names and emails of your website visitors?

          Not to worry!

          It's time to get the word out about your information and stuff your wallet beyond the one to two dollar royalty you may be raking in per sale!  Instant Niche Emails 3 is just the ticket to market your products in a relational, trust-building manner!



Instant Niche Emails for Niche Marketers 

          Niche marketers often want to crank out email series super-fast in multiple niches. No problem.  With Instant Niche Emails 3, you can create your emails even faster.  And, as always, you can use it for as many niches as you want.  And at the end of the year - just rinse and repeat for the next year's batch! 

          And the best part?  You don't need software anymore!

          That's right!  Instant Niche Emails 3 makes it so fast and easy to create your emails, you don't even need the help of software!  The new system shaves off a good hour or so in creation over Instant Niche Emails 2.  Simply follow the ABC-123 instructions, and you have your own ultimate email messages that

establish your credibility and expertise
offer valuable content to your readers
create authentic relationship and built trust
can be easily monetized
sound like YOU - not like a boring template!

The amazing thing about Instant Niche Emails is that it weaves YOU into the messages. The emails that Instant Niche Emails creates are personal, and focus on building a nurturing and trusting relationship between you and your subscribers.

None of your email messages will ever be duplicated, no matter how many niches you’re marketing to.

And if tomorrow you enter another profitable niche or subniche – well, in less time than it takes to go out to dinner and a movie, you have 52 weeks of follow up marketing ready to go for that one, too!

Fast-forward with me a moment. You’ve set up five niches using INE. Imagine the fun you’ll have, opening your email and finding that you’ve made sale after sale without lifting another finger for 365 days.

And now your Google Adsense income, volatile and unpredictable at best, will be dwarfed by the response of your list – a list YOU own, and can reap the benefits from for years to come.

I can see some of the wheels turning in your mind right now. You may be thinking - what if 50 Dog Owner marketers buy this package. Won’t we all be sending out the same emails?

Not on your life! In fact, if you follow my simple steps, there's no way your emails will look identical to another person's.  Your emails will be chock full or original, addictive content!



You Can Rest Easy!  Now It's all Done for You!

Now, there's really no excuse for not keeping in touch with your email list. It's as easy as 1-2-3. The only other thing I could do to make it any easier is to upload the emails for you!

How does Instant Niche Emails work?

Well, you're headed on an internet treasure hunt, searching out some gems for your market. I show you step-by-step how to set this all up. Once you're finished, you simply cut and paste what you've discovered into the program, and insert some ingredients from a special file I send you.  Then it's done! You have 52 emails.  (And/Or 52 blog entries and a set of podcasting scripts PLUS your own Special Report!)

Yep - you do have to invest a little time - about three or five hours - to research your niche and follow the instructions.

Sounds like too much time?

Let me ask you this -Would you take one afternoon or evening to set up a stream of income that could generate profits for an entire 365 days?

Honestly, four hours is nothing when you consider the weeks and months of frustration you’ll save yourself. Worrying over the right words to say, the hassle of writing every week. And if life throws you a curve ball and you need to take some time off, you’ll have Instant Niche Emails working for you for 12 solid months.

But if you’ve just been scratching at the gate to really capitalize on your niche market, Instant Niche Emails will make creating a trusting, profitable relationship as easy as can be.

This amazing program has been called the single most important tool for email marketers. It's like having a personal assistant doing all your follow-up marketing!


Here’s exactly what you get with the
       Instant Niche Emails 3 package


  • You get both complete systems, Instant Niche Emails for Niche Marketers AND Instant Niche Emails for Authors/Experts.  Please note:  this is the new updated, faster version and no software is necessary to use it at all!

  • The heart of the package is a blueprint that literally (with your assistance) creates original, unique relationship-building email messages (an entire year’s worth) from some simple web research you do related to your niche.

  • And it can be used again and again, year after year, to create entire new email campaigns!

  • You get the INE Training Manual, which explains everything you need to do, step-by-step.

  • You get the Niche Treasure Hunt with explicit instructions and examples

  • You get an information sheet on how to cater your messages to the basic market, the male-dominated market, and the senior market.

  • You get a checklist to use to make sure you’ve done everything correctly and have your assistant trained to deliver your relationship building emails over the next 12 months.

  • You get free life-time upgrades to the program.

  • You get additional training on how to create 52 Blog Entries and Podcasting Scripts for your sites with INE.

  • You get 9 article templates and instructions on how to use these to create niche articles from the info in your Niche Treasure Hunt.

  • You get a special template and instructions on using the info from your Niche Treasure Hunt to create a Lead Generator Special Report your readers will love!  Create an Instant Special Report straight from your Niche Treasure Hunt!

          There’s another cool part of this deal, too.  If you order today, you'll also get a

Free Four-Month Bonus
"Content Additions" Membership

          As a writer, I'm always creating and researching additional content that can be used in messages to build that coveted relationship with my readers.  So every month for the next four months, I'm going to send you my hand-picked content additions that you can use to jazz up your emails - sent right to your inbox.  That's in addition to the content you already get in Instant Niche Emails 3 System!

          You'll never lose sleep over a lack of communication with your market!

Investment -
Use it Over and Over for a Lifetime!

          The Instant Niche Emails 3 System can be used again and again, each year or for a new niche you decide to move into, and for each book you write.  One investment - use it for a lifetime.

So what am I charging? Well, let's think about it for a second. If it took you half an hour to write a message to your list, that's 21 hours for a year's worth of emails. You could hire someone to write them for you - but imagine what you might get!  Many folks, though, usually invest an hour or more in creating their weekly emails/newsletters.  (which can take 40-65 hours over the course of a year)

Imagine all the extra time you'll have to put back into your business! The quality time you can spend with your family- relaxed and refreshed.

But it's not just time saved.  It's money made. You know there's a gold mine in your list of subscribers. And maybe you have a growing list, but just have no clue what to say to them week after week.  Instant Niche Emails helps you set up an automated stream of income right at your fingertips -just waiting for you to take the reins.

I hope that by reading this far you can see how valuable this tool will be to your business. Originally I was advised to sell it for $397.  Then a marketer approached me about putting this into an online membership program, charging people every month for access to this powerful system.

Now, I truly want you to benefit from your niche lists! I know first hand what it’s like to worry yourself over whether or not you’re going to be able to pay the bills this month – and when you’re first starting out in internet marketing, money can be tighter than a monkey’s fist.

So I’ve priced this "use it again and again for as many niches as you like" program at a one-time investment.

Right now, you can get this entire package (both complete systems) for $117. A year's worth of emails, 52 blog entries, instructions on using the emails for podcasting scripts, and a Lead Generator builder - all in one package.

How much time would it take you to write a year's worth of emails, 52 blog entries, 9 articles, podcasting scripts and your own ebook?

Writing 52 emails - 20 hours +
            Writing 52 Blog entries - 20 hours +
            Writing podcast scripts - 15 hours +
            Writing 9 articles - 8 hours +
            Writing a Special Report (18-25 pages) - 20 hours +

Forget the intensive labor! Let Instant Niche Emails 3 save you time, headache and hundreds, even thousands of dollars!

Of course, you could pass this opportunity by, while others take advantage and build streams of income that last a lifetime. But would you be setting yourself up for business failure...

             ...running around like a chicken with its head cut off, searching for the next best way to make money on the net, when all the while you could be setting up major multiple streams of income through your little niche lists?

           It's time to start building a massive stream of profit and setting up a real relationship with your niche site traffic!


100% Cross My Heart Guarantee

You feel free to take INE for a test drive – go ahead and take it for a spin for the next 56 days, and if you’re not convinced that this program will bring you insane profits for years to come, I’ll refund all your $$. I’m only satisfied if you’re completely tickled pink!

Do remember that the program takes your own investment - 4-5 hours to set up your system. If you're looking for a snap-your-fingers "done without any work" system, this package won't work for you.



Transform Your Little Niche Sites or Your Authority Site Into
        Explosive Power Streams Of Income!

          If you’ve read this far, it’s highly likely you’re the very person who will make your business succeed no matter what! Let Instant Niche Emails make the task a hundred times easier! You’re about to get your hands on the key that can help you build what could potentially be the biggest stream of income your business has seen!

Look, this is YOUR moment.   A year from now, hundreds of thousands of people in your niche will be signed up and buying from someone's newsletter.  Let's make sure it's YOURS, and not your competitors'.

          Grab Instant Niche Emails 3 immediately by clicking below!

  (available for immediate download)


I wish you the best of success!

Lisa Rae Preston

          P.S. In less time than it takes to go out to dinner and watch a movie, you'll create 52 ORIGINAL, relationship building, money-making emails to send to your list! If you’re at all serious about creating massive profits from your niche sites, you’ll want to add Instant Niche Emails to your marketing arsenal now!

          Now how much relief would that bring to you? No more stress of worrying what to say and how to say it. Forget spending so much time stressing over not keeping in touch with your lists. With Instant Niche Emails, you'll be free for an entire year to send out emails when you want, and your list will still be pampered with valuable content each week!

          P.P.S. Remember, you can try Instant Niche Emails for a full 56 days, backed by an unconditional guarantee!  If you're not happy, you get an instant refund - no questions asked!


                 (available for immediate download)

Please note that we do not guarantee that anyone will make money with
InstantNicheEmails. No one can make a claim of that sort. The actions
you take are what propel you to success.

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804 Richmond Ave.
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