Testimonials From Users


Hi dear Lisa,

May I take this opportunity to thank you very much for your email and of course for the work you have done in regards to the software, it is great!


I wanted to tell you - your Instant Niche Emails is an awesome product! I love being able to feed it my words and ideas and have it churn it up and produce a nice year long newsletter series. The Niche Treasure Hunt is full of great tips, and is so easy to follow that its just about foolproof.

But, Lisa, I have to tell you - you don't need a newsletter to profit from
this product :) I'm going to be using it to help create a years worth of
Niche Blog content. If you are running a site on a CMS such as Xoops,
phpNuke, or even Wordpress that supports posting at a future date, you can preload your website with an entire years worth of great content. In fact, your INE is a general all around excellent tool for organizing and creating a large amount of quality Niche content for just about any purpose.

I am off to explore it further, or uh, finish my treasure hunt... :) Thanks
for the great software/system!

Best Wishes,
Amber Lowery

Greetings Lisa!

You're very much welcome for the comments I have gave to your wonderful product. Again, the work this software will do for me will save me a years worth of work with clicks of the button.

"Simplicity is Key!" (smiles)
This is a great product and THANK YOU for making it, I commend you! and job well done.
Yes I planned to stick within my budget this month. But a product like this couldn't be passed up and I rarely go for promotional products sent to me. This is how powerful this product is that I need for my online business and yes I will share with other choice subscribed subscribers to my newsletters and such ONLY.

Till then Lisa thanks again for this wonderful product and I will be looking out for more products of importance from you down the road in the future and I am happy to be an affiliate to promote this wonderful product soon to future subscribers. This is indeed awesome!

Dwayne Holloway

Your software really got me excited, because I indeed
was dreading creating all those niche emails for my autoresponders
and my growing niche sites!!

Thanks again.

John E. Booth

Your software solved a big problem for me which
was how to keep in touch without spending so
much time crafting emails for my new list.

Thanks again for the contact!

Joe Ammons

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the personal check on my status.

You DO write conversationally, just like you say in the manual, which is
great! So far, reading the manual is as far as I've gotten, though I was
tempted to skip it and jump right in!

I have already personally recommended the program to one of my coaching clients!


I'm REALLY excited about your product. I've been hesitant about setting up a regular newsletter and collecting names because I'm just not that consistent. I know I'd be great for a few months but then I'd have trouble meeting the deadlines. Your product will be perfect for me! Especially, now I'll be able to work on lots of different niches. What an excellent way to make a living! I won't just have adsense sites, I can add the newsletters to make the site even more valuable to my readers.



I just got reading the getting started guide.

What you just did with me is a perfect example of the personalization you talk about.

And you're right... it's different and refreshing.

I'll try to do that with my niche sites.


Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the nice follow-up.

I just finished reading the manual and found it very well done. I like how you have automated mixing up the various types of emails.

I'm looking forward to setting up my "new" autoresponder series for a few niches I already am doing business in.

This is a great concept.



I really love your product - its elegant simplicity appeals to me.


Tested your software yesterday - I love it

It gets your started in minutes - and you have the email followup set up what I never managed to get done - great stuff!


Autoresponders are my hardest working
employees. I set up my messages once
and let them do the work over and over again.

One of my buddies just told me he's coming
back to the online business scene after a year
hiatus. I asked him how he was making a living.

He said with his online business. What?!

Well, he explained that he had preloaded all his
autoresponders with emails and was enjoying a
break while his emails ran his business.

What he's doing totally makes sense and is
quite possible but not many people actually
preload their autoresponders for up to a year.

The problem is it takes so much time and
energy to write all those emails consistently.

I'm glad to introduce you to Lisa Preston's
new software which does almost ALL the
hard work for you.

Check it out because I truly believe this
is a useful software:

- Gary Huynh

Hi Lisa,

Thank you for the welcome message. I see you practice what you preach ;)

Well, Lisa all I have to say is WHOW!
I have to be honest with you I don't like to write
but of course I need to in order to make money.
And this sofware is the answer to that problem!
It's ingenious,simple to use and save me hours of work.
Nice job!

Jorge Delgado

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for the great product, it will be invaluable for my marketing efforts.

I love the product...and the treasure hunt is a great
product all by it self. I hope you are selling lots
of them.

Thanks, Michele

Hi Lisa,

As you can see below I just purchased your Instant
Niche Emails product. I just could not refuse the
opportunity to use such an innovative product at the

Instant Niche Emails appear to be something to be
truly excited about in my email follow up campaigns
and at this stage of my online business something
that will increase my marketing efforts, with ease,
for years to come.

You are a true innovator and have made my email
marketing once again fun to do. You stepped up to
the plate and hit a home run with the bases loaded.

Grand Slam!

God Bless,

"This Will Make Your Life Easier - It Writes Follow-up Email Sequences!
One of the problem many people have is in simply writing
good follow-up emails. Even if the email series isn't
designed just to sell a specific product.

My friend Lisa Preston, whom I met while speaking at a
seminar in Las Vegas sponsored by Jason Cox, has solved
this problem. Lisa has created a piece of software that
you input some data into (like articles, product reviews,
etc., and then it spits out a series of 52 follow-up
emails that you can then just cut and paste into your

I spent about 2 hours yesterday creating TWO sequences
of autoresponder message... for two different niches. The
software worked great. It's not magic, you have to gather
a few pieces of information for the software (articles,
tips, product reviews, etc.) and then when you put this
in the software and click the button it creates the
autoresponder messages. I had most of this stuff already
handy and that's why I could create the TWO messages
sequences so fast.

After you create the messages you do want to read through
each one and make sure that they read smoothly and make
minor changes if desired. However, the software does
output a pretty good product." (review copy)

-Willie Crawford


It may take me a few days to get into your program, but it appears to be one of the outstanding programs on the net.

From what I have seen you have really put a lot of work into your program and this will help many people. Most of us just don't have the time it takes to draft up the autoresponder emails that we need. Thank to you, now we do! Plus the ability to use this for websites. Wow! There are not very many original programs worth while on the internet, but yours goes right to the top!

I will keep you posted as to how I am doing and if I run into any difficulties I will contact you. And thanks for developing this program. It will be a great benefit to me!

Best regards,

Sam Beavers

Hi Lisa,

I been reading the material and so far, I think that it's one of the best
investment I made in the past month. Thank you.
I see you put your teaching into practice :-) Thanks for the email.


With this cutting edge software program, Instant Niche Emails, all you have to do is enter some basic information about your website or niche, copy and paste a few jokes and quotes from the materials that are provided to you, and click a button.

And voila!…An entire year's worth of weekly emails (52 messages in all) are instantly created.

I thought this was too good to be true…until I sat down to use it.

In just 28 minutes, I created 3 months worth of weekly messages!

Best of all, each message was unique, interesting to read, and definitely sounded like ME.


With "Instant Niche Emails," you could capture the names and email addresses of your website visitors — and send them an entire year's worth of your promotions and affiliate recommendations — without ever having to write one email message!

This program is really swift. I found myself asking "why didn't I think of that!" because it just makes everything so simple and dummy-proof.

I know it's almost too amazing to believe. That's why you must check out "Instant Niche Emails" NOW for yourself. Just make sure you're sitting down before you use this awesome tool! (LOL)  (review copy)

-Holly Cotter

As you know, the more you follow up with your customers, the more
money you bring in.

Well, that's a good theory. But, how do you create a follow-up
sequence that gets maximum results?

Here's a brand new software tool  - Instant Niche Emails - that automatically creates a full year's worth of follow up messages -- 52 professional order pulling emails -- for *your* market, in under an hour:

And the great part is that it can be used again and again, in
ANY niche market you choose to sell to. You simply fill out a
few forms, and the software does the rest!

Check it out, because it's one of the best marketing tools to be
released this year.


Martin Franzen

Instant Niche Emails is a piece of software
that will have you popping out a year's worth of rich content
newsletter followups for your autoresponder on any topic, any
niche of your choice.

If you are publishing multiple sites or just want to get a
year's worth of email newsletters out of the way in an hour or
so, you should check out our webinar tonight about Instant Niche Emails.

You will find out how to automatically build your website with
this system as well. New content the engines love.  (review copy)

Jack Humphrey

I speed read the book last night. It's good, something I have been looking for. Your openers doc file is especially useful. We are planning a email series for all our sites. Will make use of your tools.

Thanks and take care.


And THANKS for the welcome. I am just wrapping up my first AR series using your product. Great so far. This is for an existing product (for a client) with lots of free samples from a membership site. So I am really using the emails as "suggestions" or starting points for my series. Already saved me some time just doing that.

But I plan to start to use it on MY niche sites this weekend. I have several sites with thousands of daily visitors. The adsense revenue was nice (still OK) but I am sure I will be kicking myself for not implementing email capture and AR followups long ago.

Thanks again,
Roland Lacey

I've been looking for this for years...

Super Job.

Ray La Foy